The future of phaco is DISPOSABLE
Surgical Design’s Disposable Dual Lumen handpiece is the first that can perform both Phaco and I/A
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All the performance of a top-end handpiece, plus ultrasonic I/A and elimination of post-occlusion surges, reducing complications & facilitating faster surgical outcomes.


Disposable design eliminates the long, narrow central aspiration tube in the standard Phaco handpiece that is always exposed to patient fluids, eliminating risk of infection.

Low Cost

Patented design drastically reduces manufacturing costs and outperforms pricey, high maintenance handpieces & eliminates the need for autoclaving.

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Setting the standard for innovation since 1968

Tobias Neuhann MD

Tobias Neuhann, MD

"The design features of the Dual Lumen disposable handpiece are light years ahead of any competition."

E Mike Raphtis MD

E. Mike Raphtis, MD

"Surgical Design’s new Dual Lumen handpiece combining phaco and I/A in one instrument is the most important innovation since the original Anton Banko and Charles Kelman phacoemulsification invention in 1967."

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